Events* MeCCSA Practise Network Annual Symposium
15 Jun 2018 to 15 Jun 2018

MeCCSA Practise Network Annual Symposium

Contexts for Film Practice

9:00 - 18:00
Stephen Langton Lecture Theatre, Stephen Langton Building, Brayford Campus

Lincoln School of Film and Media is proud to be hosting the 2018 Media Practice and Education (formerly Journal of Media Practice) and MeCCSA Practice Network Annual Symposium. The symposium explores the theme of Contexts for Film Practice.

Acknowledging the growing interest in Practice as Research in film across the academy, this symposium will include speakers who will address the ways in which traditional research methodologies and approaches might be broadened to allow for a more fluid use of practice as research in film studies. Papers, screenings and installations will initially focus on the distinctions between practice-led research, research-led practice and practice-based research in film and how those methods of research might additionally influence film pedagogy. 

The symposium will also focus on the developing debate identified by Bell as “the pressure to ‘publish or perish’ and to compete for scarce research funds” (Bell, 2006). Traditional film research and scholarship, published in book-based formats or similar has tended to investigate film by seeking out associative theory, or analysed films and their contexts from a variety of perspectives, whereas filmmakers often suggest that their artefacts ought to speak for themselves.  An influx of active filmmakers entering the HE environment, in part due to industry changes, has coincided with increasing pressure for production outputs in all forms to be framed and delivered as ‘REF-able’ in the research environment.

This symposium aims to investigate these pressures and turn a spotlight on those engaged in practice as research in film.  It will also explore how some of these film practitioners are bridging what might be seen as a dichotomy between those who make films and those who write about films and their contexts.  We also ask how practice as research in the film production context impacts on wider society in REF terms; and how films and their makers might contribute to the progression of knowledge in the context of academic research.

Keynote Speakers:

Professor Brian Winston, Lincoln Chair, University of Lincoln

Associate Professor Craig Batty, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology

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