Physiology of Exercise and Sport Performance

Physiology of Exercise and Sport Performance

Undertaking research in a number of areas linked to the psychophysiological enhancement of health, exercise and sport performance, a central theme of research is establishing the interaction between psychological states and physiological function, particularly within the realm of exercise adherence, maintenance and enhancement.

What are we Doing?

As a multidisciplinary team of researchers we are investigating strategies to optimise physical capacity and capability in health, physical well-being and sporting performance. Our research aims to develop and deliver research-informed educational materials and consultations to practitioners, healthcare professions and national and international sports organisations and elite performers.


Why is it important?

Increasing public awareness of the importance of increased physical activity and the risks of sedentary behaviour for health across the lifespan leads to the need for more real-world, cost-efficient and user-friendly means to optimise health. Physical activity, exercise and sport play a central role in achieving these ambitions.


How are we different?

PESP brings together expertise and knowledge across exercise and sport science disciplines to translate both fundamental and applied scholarly activity into practice. Our scientific activity occurs naturally within the context of home environments, clinical and elite sport settings. We attempt to think differently about the examination of the human from a physiological perspective, applying a multi-layered approach to our research.


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Academic Staff


Dr Mark F Smith

Principal Lecturer

Dr Thomas Gee


Mrs Mistrelle Ellmore

Senior Lecturer


Mr Geoff Middleton


Senior Lecturer

Mr Paul Murgatroyd

Senior Lecturer

Research PGs 


Daniel Taylor

PhD Student

James McCarron

PhD Student
Physiopsychology of Exercise and Sport Performance Physiopsychology of Exercise and Sport Performance
School of Sport and Exercise Science, College of Social Science, University of Lincoln, Brayford Pool, Lincoln. LN6 7TS