Research scientists within the School aim to support and promote excellence in applied research. We work with communities, professionals and practitioners and conduct interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary research in areas aligned to sport and exercise science, sports development and coaching. These encompass areas of physiology, biomechanics, sociology and psychology.

A major focus of research activity lies in developing local, national and international partnerships to design and deliver projects that are beneficial to service users and which influence policy, practice and procedures. Areas for particular emphasis include sport science, coaching practice and exercise and health development.

Biofeedback in Sport Research Group

The BIO group aims to apply and understand realtime biofeedback in enhancing sport performance. Biofeedback, particularly in realtime, has rarely been used in applications to sport... 

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Health Advancement Research Team

Explores interdisciplinary research into a range of embodiment and identity issues in health, sport and physical activity social contexts...

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Mental Toughness Research Group

Research examining the importance of mental toughness across a broad range of contexts including sport, exercise, health and education. The focus is on both theoretical...

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Physiology of Exercise and Sport Performance Research Group

Undertaking research in a number of areas linked to the psychophysiological enhancement of health, exercise and sport performance, a central theme of research is establishing...

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Youth Sport Research

A multidisciplinary research group which seeks to examine the sport and physical education experiences of young people...

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