Human Performance Centre

The University of Lincoln’s state-of-the-art Human Performance Centre offers excellent facilities to meet the academic needs of our students. The Centre provides first class sport and exercise support.

Our experienced staff have academic and professional expertise in a range of areas including sport and exercise physiology, sports biomechanics, sports psychology, coach education and sports nutrition.

Resources include;

  • Physiology and Biochemistry Laboratories
  • Biomechanics Laboratory
  • Motor control laboratory (incorporating a golf specific analysis area)
  • Coach Education Suite
  • Interview/Consultation Suite
  • British Association of Sport and Exercise Sciences (BASES) accredited staff.

Sports Centre

The School of Sport and Exercise Science has full access to the University of Lincoln’s Sports and Recreation Centre. A range of educational and recreational activities are utilised to accommodate the needs of both students and staff of the University of Lincoln, providing them with opportunities to participate in fitness classes and many sports based activities.