Biomechanical Support

Biomechanical support is offered by dedicated staff with a wealth of experience in the area of sports performance. The Human Performance Centre is equipped with the latest technological analysis equipment designed to assess aspects of technique, strength, power and force.

Technique Analysis

A range of services can be provided from simple data capture, using a single video camera to three-dimensional analysis of movement using high speed cameras or optoelectronic tracking systems. The analysis provides accurate representations and interpretations of the movements together with visual feedback that increases understanding and development of the coaches and athletes.

Assessment of Muscle Strength and Force Production

Assessment of dynamic muscle strength and function can be performed using the latest technological equipment. The assessment of muscle strength and force production has widespread applications in sport and exercise for the; measurement of muscle strength, assessment of training or rehabilitation programmes, prediction of performance and prevention of injuries.

Performance Analysis

The Performance analysis approach aims to enhance performance through systematic observations of movements and games that can be analysed with a view to facilitating change. One of the most important variables affecting learning and subsequent performance is feedback. This approach therefore provides valid and reliable records of performance to enhance the feedback provided to the coach and athlete/s.

If you would like additional information or to discuss the services offered please contact Geoff Middleton via email or telephone +44 (0)1522 837308 to find out more.

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