Policy Responses to Extremism and Terrorism

The purpose of this group is to bring together research from across the disciplines interested contributing to and researching counter-terrorism through the lens of public policy. 



The overall aim is to engage with and inform national and international counter-terrorism debates, through evidence based research.


The group takes holistic approaches to counter-terrorism policy and focuses on the following four key areas:


  • Pursue, which aims to stop terrorist attacks 
  • Prevent, which aims to prevent people from becoming terrorist
  • Prepare, which aims to mitigate the impact of terrorist attacks
  • Protect, which aims to strengthen our protection against terrorist attacks.


Further, this group promotes joint research projects between its members and provides a forum in which members can support each other in obtaining research funding. The group also aims to work on collaborative publications including journal articles, and edited collections.



Academic Staff


Joshua Skoczylis


Kaisa Hinkkainen


Claire Randerson

Senior Lecturer

Simon Obendorf

Senior Lecturer

David Hughes


Research Students


Shaima Saif

Sam Andrews



Post Graduate Student

PhD Student

Research Project:

The challenges of preventing violent extremism in mainly white and rural areas of Lincolnshire — Awarded £3,000 by College Research Fund (University of Lincoln) in 2016


Conference Presentations:

Skoczylis, J & Andrews, S (2016) Has Prevent the Prevent policy been complicit in creating spaces where extremism can flourish? Radicalisation and Violent Extremism: Society, Identity and Security Conference – University of Leeds



Skoczylis, J (2016) Counter-Terrorism and Society: The contradiction of the surveillance state; Understanding the relationship between communities, the state and society. In S Romaniuk & F Grice. Palgrave Handbook of Global Counter-Terrorism. Palgrave: London

Skoczylis, J. & Bartolucci, V. (2016) Counter-Terrorism in the United Kingdom: Policies and Practices. In S Romaniuk & F Grice. Palgrave Handbook of Global Counter Terrorism. Palgrave: London

Skcozylis, J (2015) The local Prevention of Terrorism: Strategy and Practice in the fight against terrorism. Palgrave: London

Razak, A.; Rehman, J. & Skoczylis, J. (2015) ‘Prevent policies and laws’ in C Walker, and G Lennon, Handbook of   Law and Terrorism. Routledge

Skoczylis, J (2015) Tackling extremism in Britain: Challenging Cameron’s ideas. Just West Yorkshire