Research Strategy and Policies

Strategy and Policies

The University of Lincoln supports a wide infrastructure of research roles and functions. We have gathered together the key documents that outline the research strategy and policies underpinning our research quality, governance and reporting. 

Strategic Plan 2016-2021 (PDF)

Research Ethics Policy

Research Repository Policies

Misconduct in Research

The University expects all members of the University including staff and students and those who are not members of the University but who are conducting research on University premises to observe the highest standards of ethics and integrity in the conduct of their research. The Procedure for the Investigation of Misconduct of Research (UKRIO) covers the procedure to follow in the case of potential cases of research misconduct.

Research misconduct, as defined by The Concordat to Support Research Integrity, to which the University of Lincoln subscribes, is characterised as behaviour or actions that fall short of the standards of ethics, research and scholarship required to ensure that the integrity of research is upheld. It is a problem because it can cause harm (for example to patients, the public and the environment), damages the credibility of research, undermines the research record, and wastes resources.

The concordat recognises that academic freedom is fundamental to the production of excellent research. This means that responsibility for ensuring that no misconduct occurs rests primarily with individual researchers. Research misconduct can take many forms, including:

- fabrication: making up results or other outputs (eg, artefacts) and presenting them as if they were real

- falsification: manipulating research processes or changing or omitting data without good cause

- plagiarism: using other people’s material without giving proper credit

- failure to meet ethical, legal and professional obligations: for example failure to declare competing interests; misrepresentation of involvement or authorship; misrepresentation of interests; breach of confidentiality; lack of informed consent; misuse of personal data; and abuse of research subjects or materials

- improper dealing with allegations of misconduct: failing to address possible infringements such as attempts to cover up misconduct and reprisals against whistleblowers

This list is not intended to be exhaustive.

For queries and allegations of potential Misconduct in Research, please contact (in confidence):

Professor Tim Hodgson: / 01522 886159 (UKRIO Named Person)  

Professor Jon Whitehead: / 01522 835886 (UKRIO Deputy Named Person).

The University of Lincoln subscribes to The Concordat to Support Research Integrity and follows its Procedure for the Investigation of Misconduct of Research (UKRIO).


Research Committee

The Research Committee oversees the development of research activity, a research culture and infrastructure across the University with input from academic staff and support services.

The Committee oversees those elements of the University’s Strategic Plan relating to enterprise, including employer engagement, knowledge transfer/exchange, incubation, employability, graduate enterprise, and IP and academic enterprise.

Research Committee