School Seminars

Upcoming for Spring 2018

School Seminars, School of Psychology (Wednesdays 2-3pm, SSB0102 & SSB0103)

All students and staff welcome.

7th Feb

Dr. Vincent Egan,

University of Nottingham

The heart of darkness drives sadism.

14th Feb



21st Feb

Dr. Kit Opie,


Major transitions in evolution. When’s the next one?

28th Feb

Dr. Katie Gray,

Reading University

Emotional face processing


7th Mar

Dr. Ryan Fitzgerald,

Portsmouth University

The science of eyewitness identification


14th Mar

Dr. Lisa Leaver,

Exeter University

Cognitive ecology of grey squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis): learning, personality and self-control”

21st Mar

Dr. Emma Sleath,

Coventry University


11th Apr

Dr. Kirstie Soar,

University of East London

Neuropsychological and Psychological Effects Associated with Recreational Cocaine Use

18th Apr

Dr. Steven Gillespie,

Newcastle University


25th Apr

New Academic:

Dr. Robin Kramer,

University of Lincoln


Computational modelling of face familiarity