Identity and Social Relationships

Identity and Social Relationships

Based in the School of Psychology at the University of Lincoln, the Identity and Social Relationships Research Group (ISR) undertakes research on identities in diverse social contexts.

What are we Doing?

We undertake psychological research on diverse aspects of identities in the social, cultural and environmental contexts in which people are embedded. We are interested in individual identity as a discursive construction,  in identities across the lifespan, for example emerging adulthood, parenting, and ageing, and in the concept of collective identities, including studentship and citizenship. 


Why is it important?

Identity and social relationships are central to our everyday lived experience.  Knowing how identity is represented or negotiated by individuals and groups can help us understand how people will respond to new or challenging experiences.


How are we different?

We bring together a range of different skills and world class expertise in qualitative and quantitative research methods to explore psychological phenomena that have significant personal meanings and practical implications. 


Academic Staff


Dr Roger Bretherton

Senior Lecturer

Dr Rachel Bromnick

Senior Lecturer

Dr David Ellis


Dr Ruth Gaunt


Dr Paul Goddard

Senior Lecturer

Prof Harriet Gross 

Director of Innovations/Professor of Psychology

Dr Ava Horowitz

Senior Lecturer

Dr Patrick Hylton 

Senior Lecturer

Mr Ian Mcgonagle

Principal Lecturer


Research Students



Zamira Noh

PhD Student

Mariana Lobo Pinho

PhD Student

External Members


Dr Laura Kilby

Sheffield Hallam University
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