Summer Scientist

Summer Scientist

Summer Scientist is the School of Psychology’s largest public engagement activity. Established in Lincoln by Dr Fenja Ziegler, the aim is to introduce what the study of psychology is all about to the public, as well as allow for research data collection.


‌Each year, we run a week-long programme for children aged three to ten years – it is fun and full of play, but at the same time progresses around ten different psychological research projects. Children come with their parents to take part in the experiments, which investigate topics such as the development of altruism, motor control and risk taking.


Academic researchers from the School work alongside selected second-year students on data collection throughout the week. It is an opportunity for students to work on real and cutting-edge psychological research that is a step up from their coursebased studies. This offers students a grea opportunity to gain dedicated experimentbase experience.

Dr Ziegler says:


“One of our aims in the School of Psychology is to bring the wonder of psychology to the community. Summer Scientist is an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate what psychology is all about, as well as give our academics and students the opportunity to complete research data collection from the 250 participants.


‌“Students gain an insight of what it is like to conduct research and work directly with leading academics. It can and does have a lasting impact on their final-year studies and choice of career.”

In 2013 we welcomed more children than ever before, including some who have attended all three Summer Scientist weeks so far. The next event is already being planned, with ten new academic research projects.

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