Media Archive for Central England

‌‌‌What is MACE?‌

The Media Archive for Central England (MACE), based here at the University of Lincoln since 2011, is a registered charity and an independent, publicly-funded, non-profit‌company. MACE is the regional film and video archive for the East and West Midlands.

Having moved from Leicester, MACE is now located in the Media, Humanities and Performance building here at the University. However it still caters for the entire region, caring for over 70,000 moving images of the Midlands. 

What does MACE do?‌‌

MACE collects a range of footage that reflects and captures the East and West Midlands heritage. MACE documents and preserves these films and videos, allowing access to them and contributing to the UK-wide network of publicly available moving image archives. MACE often holds public screenings across the region, airing some material that has often not been viewed in decades - giving an understanding of the regions heritage and its past.

The main aim of MACE is to preserve,"the rich cultural and social history of the Midlands, as reflected in film, for individuals and communities to learn from and enjoy - now and in the future." This is not only a great source of information, knowledge and research but a good source of entertainment and history; to be enjoyed as well as studied. 

In addition to providing proper care and storage for materials, MACE also provides help and access for people that are looking for film, and for those needing advice on how to care for moving images outside of MACE.

‌Who are MACE?

MACE is run by a team of experienced professionals and is governed by a board of directors. Clare Watson is the director of MACE.

Richard Shenton (below), head of access and learning, has completed an MA in Film Archiving and has years of experience. There a number of curators, archivists and professionals who also work in the MACE team.

How can I use MACE?

As a huge source of cultural artefacts, students and educators can use the MACE archives for research and learning. Whether for a dissertation, a project or for your own research, MACE holds a range of videos and moving images related to the region. The main website at, contains over 4000 clips and has a catalogue with over 40,000 entries, with further material held uncatalogued. 

To make use of the free viewing service and to find uncatalogued films, contact MACE via email or ring 01522 837750.