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Welcome to Lincoln School of Art & Design‌

Lincoln School of Art and Design is a supportive, challenging and creative community of practising artists and students. Undergraduates and postgraduates study in a range of disciplines ranging from fine art to interactive design, taught by research-active artists and designers.

The new £11m School of Art & Design Building, completed in the summer of 2013, brings together these art students, educators and researchers in a creative learning environment. The School’s purpose-built home now offers a public gallery alongside state-of-the-art dedicated studios, workshops and postgraduate spaces.

Students and staff at the School of Art and Design are part of one creative community, working in collaboration to pursue artistic excellence. Importantly, academics welcome students into their professional networks within the art world, creating opportunities for them to exhibit work and develop contacts in the cultural sector.

Great art rarely occurs when artists are unwilling to take risks. In recognition of this, the School has cultivated a fertile, nurturing environment in which students feel comfortable and capable to discover their own creative signature through supported experimentation and independent exploration.

Professor Anne Chick
Acting Head of Lincoln School of Art & Design


Lincoln school of art and design magazine issue 2

Lincoln School of Art and Design Magazine

The School of Art and Design Magazine is our opportunity to share with you some of the remarkable work that takes place in our department, from ground-breaking research, to community projects, to the incredible successes of our students. 

LSA&D Magazine Issue 2 (PDF)