Regional And Rural Enterprise

Regional And Rural Enterprise

The Rural and Regional Research Group has a growing track record of social and economic development research.  This includes locally funded projects to inform economic policies in Lincolnshire as well as national and international collaborations to advise on future approaches to delivering rural policy in England and beyond.  

What are we Doing?

We are researching businesses and wider economic development in different spatial contexts. This extends from policy evaluations and regional economic analysis through to direct interventions with businesses in diverse regional and rural settings across the globe.  


Why is it important?

Supporting the economic development of regions can provide better opportunities for the businesses and communities living there. Understanding more about the importance of geography for innovation and growth can inform new approaches to supporting their development trajectories.


How are we different?

We aim to become a leading UK research centre for rural and regional research.  No other established centre for regional and rural research is based within a Business School but we see business and enterprise being essential drivers of sustainable regions.



Academic Staff


Dr Gary Bosworth


Prof. David Charles

Deputy Head of School

Dr David Gray

Joint Head of Division

Dr Chris Phelan


Dr Eric Ruto 

Senior Lecturer

Prof. Peter Somerville

Professor of Social Policy

Prof. Ted Fuller

Prof of Entrepreneur & Strat Foresight

Dr Agnieszka Rydzik


Dr Juliana Siwale

Principal Lecturer 

Dr Shrabani Saha

Senior Lecturer 

Dr Chris Chen


Research Staff


Liz Price

Senior Research Fellow

Dr Jane Deville

Project Co-ordinator


Research PGs  


William Hamilton

PhD Student

Susan Marango

PhD Student

Mahdieh Zainali

PhD Student 

Kenny Odunukan

PhD Student 

External Members 


Prof. Nigel Curry 

Visiting Professor

Ivan Annibal 

Visiting Fellow, Rose Regeneration

Dr Jason Beadell 

Visiting Fellow, Smith Gore 

Dr Sally Hewitt 

Independent Researcher

Lincoln International Business School. University of Lincoln, Brayford Wharf East, Lincoln. LN5 7AT