Lincoln International Business School Postgraduate Programmes

Accounting - MSc

The MSc Accounting at the University of Lincoln is a conversion Master's for those with a non-accounting background who wish to move towards an accounting-related career path.

Accounting and Finance - MSc

The MSc Accounting and Finance degree aims to develop and enhance the career prospects of those who work, or wish to work, in finance or accountancy. The programme assumes little or no business knowledge at undergraduate level and is therefore suitable for graduates from a range of disciplines who wish to break into this highly skilled profession.

Business School - Research Opportunities - MPhil/PhD

As a doctoral student, you can join an international research environment in the Lincoln International Business School, working alongside researchers on collaborative projects that aim to make a tangible difference to business and society.

Crisis and Disaster Management - MSc

The MSc Crisis and Disaster Management brings together the areas of crisis management, risk management and disaster management with the aim of providing students with the opportunity to develop an understanding of current approaches to crisis and disaster and the impact that such events may have on businesses, communities and nations. In particular, the programme addresses the issues of interruption to business and the need for preparedness, response and recovery strategies to minimise both economic and human losses arising from crises and disasters of both natural and human origins.

Culture and Heritage Management - MA

The cultural and heritage sectors are experiencing rapid growth the world over. The MA Culture and Heritage Management aims to enhance your knowledge of the particular demands of managing attractions and collections in these environments.

Events Management - MSc

The internationally focused MSc in Events Management is designed to prepare you for a career in the events industry. Despite economic volatility and political uncertainty, the events industry remains a significant contributor to global, national and regional economies and labour markets.

Fashion Management - MSc

The MSc in Fashion Management aims to produce graduates who are able to analyse consumer and other trends in society to develop effective purchasing, retail, and promotional strategies.

Finance - MSc

Our MSc Finance degree is designed to provide a framework for consolidating and enhancing students' finance and economics skills. Students have the opportunity to learn from experienced finance specialists and the chance to develop advanced knowledge in preparation for practice or further professional training.

Governance - MSc

As Corporate Governance is now an integral part of everyday business life, the MSc Governance programme is designed to be relevant and attractive to a wide variety of candidates and job roles across different sectors.

Human Resource Management Full Time - MSc

Using critical analysis, self-reflection and problem-solving techniques, the MSc Human Resource Management (HRM) degree provides students with the opportunity to learn how to develop and implement creative and strategic HRM solutions that drive organisational performance.

Human Resource Management Part Time - MSc

Using critical analysis, self-reflection and problem-solving techniques, the MSc Human Resource Management (HRM) degree provides students with the opportunity to learn how to develop and implement creative and strategic HRM solutions that drive organisational performance.

International Business - MSc

The MSc International Business programme at Lincoln is designed to equip you with the necessary qualities and subject knowledge that will enable you to compete effectively in the domestic and international labour markets. You will have the chance to develop a firm grounding in the theories and practice of international business in order to make contributions to the performance of organisations of all types around the world.

International Business Economics - MSc

The (MSc) International Business Economics is designed for students that have a background in business and management studies. The aim is to provide an opportunity to expand knowledge of the international business environment using economic analysis in a practical way. As such, the programme looks to provide a grounding in aspects of quantitative methods, business economics, the international business environment, the multinational enterprise and the international macro financial environment.

International Investment Banking - MSc

The MSc International Banking and Investment at Lincoln is designed for those who wish to follow a career in the investment banking sector. The demand for those with applicable knowledge of corporate finance, investment, commercial and investment banking is high in the UK, Europe, and the emerging market economies in Asia.

International Tourism Management - MSc

MSc International Tourism Management aims to equip graduates with the academic understanding and industry applications required to work at senior levels in this growing global sector.

Leadership - MBA

Lincoln International Business School is proud to have developed a flagship part-time Master of Business Administration in Leadership. The MBA Leadership is built around a programme of development aimed at those who wish to become a strategic leader and manager. The programme seeks to develop a critical appreciation of the issues and complexities of the present and future business environment and the need for strategies of sustainability in business and society.

Logistics and Global Operations - MSc

Employers are increasingly looking to recruit graduates who can demonstrate that they have the high-level skills and abilities to succeed in global logistics management. MSc Logistics and Global Operations degree at Lincoln has been designed with these employer expectations in mind.

Management - MSc

The University of Lincoln MSc Management Programme is designed prepare students for a career in business and management. Students can study topics from accounting and finance to organisational psychology and behaviour in order to develop their understanding of how organisations operate.

Management and International Relations - MSc

The MSc Management and International Relations degree at Lincoln is designed for students interested in pursuing a career in international organisations.

Marketing - MSc

The MSc Marketing degree provides an opportunity for aspiring and experienced marketeers to advance their expertise and specialist knowledge in order to make a major contribution to the performance of an organisation.

Marketing with Luxury Brands - MSc

The MSc Marketing with Luxury Brands degree at Lincoln offers students an opportunity to specialise in luxury goods and brand management. This programme aims to develop a thorough knowledge of marketing theory and the planning, strategic-thinking and managerial skills necessary to secure a career in the luxury goods and experience sectors.

Master of Business Administration (Full-time) - MBA

The Lincoln International Business School MBA is designed to provide a creative and collaborative learning experience, built around our key values of ethical, sustainable, and responsible management.

Project Management - MSc

The MSc Project Management degree at Lincoln provides an opportunity to engage with fundamental theories and best practices in a systematic, critical and at the same time creative way. Today’s global businesses list project management skills as some of the most desirable when hiring new talent.

Tourism and Marketing - MSc

Tourism is a globally important industry that offers a wide range of career opportunities. The MSc Tourism and Marketing degree at Lincoln can offer a route to a variety pathways dependent on career aspirations through its selection of modules.

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