Lincoln Centre for Environmental Law and Justice

Creating the Right Environment

The focus of the Centre is on environmental law and justice, recognising the multi-jurisdictional, interdisciplinary and societal nature of many environmental issues.      

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What are we Doing?

The mission of the Centre is to promote, foster and undertake multidisciplinary scholarship, research, consultancy and postgraduate study in environmental law, justice, crime, and security.


Why is it important?

Environmental degradation is the major challenge of the 21st century. The Centre's overarching goal is captured by the notion of environmental justice, namely that in seeking to resolve such environmental issues, the legal and regulatory response must not exacerbate, but seek to address, underlying structural human inequalities - be that globally, domestically, within legal and criminal justice processes, and as a tool for wider social change. This also recognises that environmental harm is often global in scale, yet local in terms of impact, which also has intergenerational implications.    


How are we different?

The Centre distinguishes itself by bringing together four particular strands of work: environmental law and governance; the relevance of human rights to environmental matters; the application of criminal justice and critical criminological inquiry to environmental law; and the relevance of environmental considerations to the protection of human security. The close link between agricultural and environmental governance and justice is also reflected in the research undertaken in the Centre, with an emphasis on private standards of animal welfare applicable to food producing animals on the farm.


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Academic Staff


Nathan John Cooper

Senior Lecturer
Prof. Duncan French 

Head of the Lincoln Law School

Prof. Matthew Hall 

Professor of Law & Criminal Justice

Diane Ryland 

Senior Lecturer

Christy Shucksmith 


Dr. Stephen Turner 

Senior Lecturer


Academic Staff (Associate)


Prof. Hugh Byrd 

Professor of Architecture

Prof. Scott Davidson 

Deputy Vice Chancellor

Dr Amira Elnokaly 

Senior Lecturer

Prof Harriet Gross

Director of Innovations

Dr. Louisa Parks 


Prof. Louis Kotze

North-West University, South Africa 
Prof. Jennifer McKay University of South Australia
Prof. David Townend Maastricht University, The Netherlands

Research PGs 


Jamie Kunz 

PhD Student