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Heritage at Lincoln

Cultural heritage is everywhere in Lincoln. The historic city includes upstanding sections of Roman town wall and some of the oldest surviving houses in north-west Europe still used on a daily basis. Lincoln cathedral is an outstanding example of Gothic architecture and behind many of the town buildings are fragments of the medieval timber frames.

Heritage programmes at Lincoln take this extraordinary historical setting as their starting point. Student have the chance to develop a breadth of skills to enable them to develop their careers in the different areas of cultural heritage. Each programme includes modules in heritage and heritage management, history, art history, conservation and archaeology. The School of History and Heritage provides a range of subjects with staff who are specialists in aspects of history from the Roman period to the present, in the conservation of historic artefacts, the interpretation of visual culture and the study of the archaeology.

This exceptionally broad range of subject matter allows students the opportunity to develop a set of skills and gain wide experience, from the detailed study of individual artefacts to the interpretation of landscapes and the presentation of the historic environment. Students can also gain experience of culture and heritage management and may gain commercial experience with Lincoln Conservation: http://www.lincolnconservation.co.uk.