PhD Students

We have a growing population of around 20 full-time and part-time UK and international research students. They are supervised by staff who are internationally recognised as experts in their field and have access to world class facilities to complete their studies.

Julie Bush (2010 >)

The life and work of William Logsdail (1859 - 1944).


Dawn Correia (2011 >)

The design, development and impact of the kaleldoscope: An assessment of Sir David Brewster's contribution and of the contestation of his authorship 1810-1820.


Cilla Eisner (2011 >)

Collage Grids: Generative Principles and Metaphor.


Emmanuel Estename (2013 >)

The Mobile Watering Hole:The design and development of a multimedia prototype resource on mobile phones to support the teaching of plastographic printmaking in Nigerian higher education using Constructive Design / Action Research (AR) methodologies (prototyping and collaborative action research).


Alison Fairhurst (2008 >)

European textiles and leather shoes from1700 - 1800 and their conservation.


Michael Healey (2013 >)

The Scottish colourists and their influence in contemporary Scottish paintings.


Annie Morrad (2012 >)

Rhythm and improvisation in contemporary art and music practices.


(Annie) Rukia Xu (2013 >)

Art and text collisions in contemporary Chinese Art.


Kezhen Wang (2013 >)

An investigation into how European and American Higher Education Jewellery Design programmes influenced the development of such programmes in China between 2000-2010.


Will Wilson (2012 >)

Catalysing Participatory Social Learning: reformulating the design process as means to engage all parties in making conscious and informed behavioural changes towards more sustainable practices, particularly in respect to domestic energy use. 


David Younger (2011 >)

Theme Park theory.


PhD completions (since 2008)

Anne Atkinson (2010/11)

William Hilton RA: A Catalogue and Intellectual biography.


David Brown (2012/13)

The history and conservation of wrought iron metalwork in Lincolnshire.


Rachel Cameron (2009/10)

A Natural World?  The complexity of Representation: an analysis of the significance of Sir Edwin Landseer’s Paintings of Landscape, Nature and Culture in Victorian Society.


Frederick Dickinson (2009/10)

An analysis of the success and cultural significance of parian ware sculpture in Victoria England.


Dimitrios Doumas (2010/11)

Curatorship and Conservation: A philosophic enquiry into the scope of each realm, their interaction and the consequences for the perception of works of art.


Christine Marion Harrison (2010/11)

A practical and historical examination of Jacob Christian Schaffer (1718-1790) and his search for non-rag paper.


Christos Karydis (2009/10)

The Orthodox Christian Sakkos Ecclesiastical Garments dating to the 15th-20th century from the Holy Mountain of Athos Collection Survey, Scientific Analysis and Preventive Conservation.


Victoria Purewal (2012/13)

Novel detection and removal of hazardous biocides historically applied to herbaria.


Cassandra Shelagh Booty (2010/11)

Frieze-Framed Seeing in Colour: a critical analysis of the Romanesque Frieze on the West Front of Lincoln Cathedral.


Ian Waites (2009/10)

Unbounded Freedom: the Art and Aesthetics of the Common Field Landscape, c.1700-1850.


MA by Research

Geoff Lee (2012 >)

The drawn and printed ceramic surface as contemporary cultural critique.


Suzanne Tsang (2012 > withdrawn)

Industrialising Craft: The economic viability of craft.


John Revell (2012 >)

Interaction Design by Hacking.


Clementine Monro (2012 >)

Architectural Decay.  Communicating the physical encounter.