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The Centre for Art & Design Research

The Centre for Art & Design Research (CADR) is co-led by Professor Anne Chick and Professor Steve Dutton and managed by the Centre committee membership. CADR facilitates Art and Design research, research collaborations and discussion and debate, leading to symposia, conferences, exhibitions, capital investment decisions and funding bids.

The Centre aims to continually improve:

  • The attraction, retention and development of research staff and students
  • Research income generation and enterprise
  • The School’s research environment
  • Outward-facing research partnerships and collaborations
  • The dissemination and impact of the School’s research.

Examples of our academics practice-based art and design research.

Key research themes within the Centre include:

CADR staff are also active in the Centre for Conservation & Cultural Heritage Research, 19th Century Research Group and 21st Century Research Group.

Research Projects

PhD Students

Please contact Professors Chick and Dutton for further details on the Centre for Art & Design Research: and