Popular Performances‌

Times Square

The area of popular performances covers many performance forms and disciplines from musical theatre to wrestling to street art. Central to the work of this research area in the school of performing arts is an understanding that performance encompasses a diverse range of practices that often fall outside the coverage given to more conventional practices. We recognise ‘popular performance’ as something related not only to mass or popular culture, where it is situated within economic dynamics, but also as something that gives voice to communities and practices who might otherwise be marginalized, where it offers interesting and individual ways for people to express themselves, for example through graffiti or street art, protest or demonstration.

Studies in Musical Theatre

The international journal Studies in Musical Theatre (Intellect) was established in 2006 and is co-edited by Dominic Symonds (University of Lincoln) and George Burrows (University of Portsmouth). The journal’s associated conference, ‘Song, Stage and Screen, convenes internationally and has met in Portsmouth (2007), Leeds (2008), Maryland (2009), Winchester (2010), Kansas City (2011), The Netherlands (2012) and London (2013). The next conference will take place at Sheridan College, Canada, 24-26 June 2014.

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