Contemporary Playwriting

Contemporary Playwriting

The school’s long-term interest in contemporary playwriting, its context, development and ecology has been explored in part through the forum of the University’s 21st Century research centre, and celebrated in three international symposia, on the work of Caryl Churchill (2011), Sarah Kane (2012) and Mark Ravenhill (2013).

Members of the school have published widely on the work of contemporary and recent British and international playwrights, theatre companies and organizations including Richard Bean, Edward Bond, Howard Brenton, Carl Djerassi, David Edgar, David Grieg, Sarah Kane, Anthony Nielson, Mark Ravenhill, Yazbeck Samir, Simon Stephens, Arnold Wesker, Joint Stock and the Royal Court Theatre. They have also contributed to several recent collections about contemporary British theatre, including Modern British playwriting: voices, documents, new interpretations and The Methuen Drama guide to contemporary British playwrights.

Meanwhile, colleagues continue to work professionally in the industry as translators, dramaturgs, playwrights and directors, and have recently worked with organisations including the Royal Court Theatre, the Royal National Theatre, the Southbank Centre, the Place, Nottingham Playhouse, and BBC Radio 4.

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