Centre for Performance Innovation and Evaluation

The Lincoln School of Performing Arts is home to a number of key researchers in the field of Practice as Research, who operate through the Centre for Performance. Themes explored include the development of personal testimony as performance of the self, the archiving of memory in site-specific environments, the interaction between technology and intimacy in performance, the practice of translation as adaptation for the stage, the explicit body in performance, the practice and economies of collaborative processes, and the performance of protest in mass demonstration.

In addition to our ongoing practical work, much of which finds outlets in the production of high profile theatre companies, our researchers regularly disseminate their research at conferences and symposia, and have published extensively on the subject of practice as research.

Collaborations have included work with the Royal National Theatre, the Royal Court Theatre, Proto-type Theatre, Reckless Sleepers, Red Monk Productions, and Keephouse Productions.

Selected publications

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