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Dance and Drama Research

The School of Fine & Performing Arts has a vibrant and active research culture, engaging with a variety of performance-related fields of research. Our research clusters meet regularly and share research through our series of platforms and seminars, Critical Encounters.

Our research is grouped into five key areas of scholarship, you can find out more about these below.

Contemporary Playwriting‌

The school’s long-term interest in contemporary playwriting, its context, development and ecology has been explored in part through the forum of the University’s 21st Century research centre, and celebrated in three international symposia, on the work of Caryl Churchill (2011), Sarah Kane (2012) and Mark Ravenhill (2013).

Members of the school have published widely on the work of contemporary and recent British and international playwrights, theatre companies and organizations including Richard Bean, Edward Bond, Howard Brenton, Carl Djerassi, David Edgar, David Grieg, Sarah Kane, Anthony Nielson, Mark Ravenhill, Yazbeck Samir, Simon Stephens, Arnold Wesker, Joint Stock and the Royal Court Theatre. They have also contributed to several recent collections about contemporary British theatre, including Modern British playwriting: voices, documents, new interpretations and The Methuen Drama guide to contemporary British playwrights.

Meanwhile, colleagues continue to work professionally in the industry as translators, dramaturgs, playwrights and directors, and have recently worked with organisations including the Royal Court Theatre, the Royal National Theatre, the Southbank Centre, the Place, Nottingham Playhouse, and BBC Radio 4.

‌Theatre, Consciousness and Asian Performance

The study of Asian Theatre has formed a central part of SFPA’s research culture since 2005, and combined with the study of Theatre and Consciousness from 2007.

The area’s working group, Theatre, Consciousness and Asian Performance meets regularly and welcomes invited speakers, in a Theatre, Dance Music and Consciousness strand, and a Pan-Asian Performance Theory strand. Speakers have included Harry Youtt (UCLA), Daniel Mroz (University of Ottawa), Mick Mangan (Loughborough University), Peter Malekin (University of Durham), Daniel Watt (Loughborough University), Ashley Thorpe (Royal Holloway University of London), George Mather (University of Lincoln), Daniele Cuneo (University of Cambridge) and Kate Genevieve (University of Sussex).

The biannual conference Consciousness, Theatre, Literature and the Arts has been held at the University of Lincoln since 2009, and the conference 'Women in Asian Theatre' was held in 2013. SFPA is also host to the associated online journal, edited by Professor Daniel Meyer-Dinkgräfe

The Body in Performance

The work of the Body in Performance within the Lincoln School of Fine and Performing Arts explores interactions between body, space, technology and identity. Researchers have particular interests in the ways in which new technologies can be incorporated into choreography and dance, in the expression of sexuality and the body, and in the way that movement can benefit diverse communities. The group is interested in exploring interdisciplinary methodologies including practice as research.

Gnarl Fest is a Festival of Live Art and Choreography, celebrating the precarious interrelatedness between Live Art and Choreography, and promoting radical and provocative work ranging from burlesque and trash to transgressive and guerrilla acts. 

Popular Performances

The area of popular performances covers many performance forms and disciplines from musical theatre to wrestling to street art. Central to the work of this research area in the school of performing arts is an understanding that performance encompasses a diverse range of practices that often fall outside the coverage given to more conventional practices. We recognise ‘popular performance’ as something related not only to mass or popular culture, where it is situated within economic dynamics, but also as something that gives voice to communities and practices who might otherwise be marginalized, where it offers interesting and individual ways for people to express themselves, for example through graffiti or street art, protest or demonstration.

The international journal Studies in Musical Theatre (Intellect) was established in 2006 and is co-edited by Dominic Symonds (University of Lincoln) and George Burrows (University of Portsmouth). The journal’s associated conference, ‘Song, Stage and Screen, convenes internationally and has met in Portsmouth (2007), Leeds (2008), Maryland (2009), Winchester (2010), Kansas City (2011), The Netherlands (2012) and London (2013). The next conference will take place at Sheridan College, Canada, 24-26 June 2014.

Applied Practice as Research‌

The Lincoln School of Performing Arts is home to a number of key researchers in the field of Practice as Research, who operate through the Centre for Performance. Themes explored include the development of personal testimony as performance of the self, the archiving of memory in site-specific environments, the interaction between technology and intimacy in performance, the practice of translation as adaptation for the stage, the explicit body in performance, the practice and economies of collaborative processes, and the performance of protest in mass demonstration.

In addition to our ongoing practical work, much of which finds outlets in the production of high profile theatre companies, our researchers regularly disseminate their research at conferences and symposia, and have published extensively on the subject of practice as research.

Collaborations have included work with the Royal National Theatre, the Royal Court Theatre, Proto-type Theatre, Reckless Sleepers, Red Monk Productions, and Keephouse Productions.

Selected Publications

If you wish to undertake further reading, take a look at some of the selected publications for each research theme below.

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