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Frequently asked questions

Please find below answers to some frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to get in touch via the contact details at the bottom of the page.

How many students do you take each year?

It is difficult to specify an exact number as the figure changes each year due to a range of different factors. However, as a rough guide, we expect to take around 100 new Drama students each year and around 25 Dance students at undergraduate level. 

How many students are in a typical teaching group?

This can vary too but we recognise that studio work cannot occur with large numbers so groups are typically around 15-18 students. At Master’s level, the groups are significantly smaller and a teaching group here is around 8 students. 

How much contact time can students expect to have?

We teach a variety of 15- and 30-credit modules. On a 15-credit module, students are expected to undertake 150 hours of learning which is broken down between formal teaching, private study and rehearsal. As a general rule of thumb, a 30-credit module is taught for at least six hours a week over a period of twelve weeks. Additional contact time occurs through formal and informal tutorials as well as a wide range of technique classes.

What is special about the School of Fine and Performing Arts?

Many new students tell us that they chose us as a first-choice university because of the friendliness of the staff when they came to visit us on an Open Day. While we are delighted with this compliment, we feel there are many other reasons to choose Lincoln as the place to study performing arts. Not only do students have the opportunity to work in a professional theatre throughout their time here, but we offer  a range of opportunities for students to develop in their field such as joining The Lincoln Company – our own student theatre company which take shows to the Edinburgh Festival every year. Our integrated approach to theory/practice is extremely popular and prepares students for both careers in the creative industries as well as further study at postgraduate level through practice-based MAs and PhDs.

How should I prepare for the interview/audition day?

Go and see as much theatre/dance as you can and be prepared to talk about what you have seen when you meet us. Show us that you are passionate about the subject by being able to reflect on your own experiences of performing. Do your research about Lincoln and the university here so that you are confident in talking about your choices.

If your interview/audition has been confirmed by UCAS Track

Audition information for applicants

As part of the Admissions process, all Drama applicants must attend an interview and all Dance applicants must attend an audition. Auditions are not required for Drama applicants. Following your UCAS application submission, our Admissions Department will review your application, then forward all eligible applications to the Performing Arts School, to be invited to an interview and audition. Your audition date and time can then be found on your UCAS Track.

What will my interview/audition include?

Dance applicants: It will include a brief contemporary dance class, a solo dance piece and a group interview. There will be an opportunity to tour our building with current students. This will also give you the opportunity to ask any questions you have directly with students already on the programme. It will be possible to address any confidential issues on a one to one basis with the staff member after the group interview, if required.

Drama applicants: A tour of the building and facilities with current students and an individual interview with a member of staff.

What will I need to wear for the day?

Please dress with appropriate dance wear e.g. tights, leotards or tracksuit bottoms.  Changing rooms are available.

What will I need to prepare?

Dance: You will be asked to perform a solo piece (no longer than 3 minutes), please bring music on CD, iPod or mp3 player (if required). We prefer that your solo is something you created yourself and is in a contemporary dance style. Please bring with you a passport sized photo to your workshop.
Drama applicants: Be prepared to talk about aspects of Drama you are interested in, plays you have seen, and also your thoughts in relation to a reading we have sent you.

Where is my audition/interview going to be held?

The auditions are held at our Brayford Campus at Lincoln Performing Arts Centre. Please come to the Zing Café in the LPAC building at the audition time sent via UCAS Track. A member of the team will collect you from there.

How do I get to the university?

There are travel directions, and maps on our website: How to Find Us

Are parents welcome? 

Yes! Whilst auditions and interviews take place, parents are welcome to visit the campus, view the sights of Lincoln or wait in our Zing Café. Auditions/interviews take around two or three hours.

Is there any parking available? 

The university does not have onsite parking available, however across from the campus there is a retail park with pay and display parking, or NCP car parks within a five-minute walk.

When do I find out if I have been offered a place?

We do endeavour to notify applicants of our decision following auditions as quickly as possible. Please keep checking your UCAS Track after your audition day.

Do you accept international students?

We welcome applications from both home and international students.
International Office information: Applying to Lincoln

Any further questions?

Please contact our administrator Joanna Lloyd (

For further details on the Drama degree contact the acting Programme Leader: Kelly Jones 

For further details on the Dance degree, contact the Programme Leader: Lisa Gaughan