School of English and Journalism Postgraduate Programmes

21st Century Literature - MA

This Master’s programme is informed by the thriving 21st Century research community at the University of Lincoln.

Creative Writing - MA

Our MA in Creative Writing provides opportunities to work closely with practising creative writers and hear from professionals from the publishing industry in guest lectures.

Creative Writing - MPhil/PhD

The School of English and Journalism offers advanced research opportunities within the subject of Creative Writing. This programme aims to provide training for a career in writing, from fiction to screen and radio adaptation.

Creative Writing and Publishing - MA

MA Creative Writing and Publishing is an exciting and innovative Master’s programme offered by the University of Lincoln in partnership with The Guardian.

English - MA by Research

The MA by Research in English is designed for students who have a passion to pursue a research project defined by themselves, but with the support of an academic environment and supervisors.

English - MPhil/PhD

The School of English and Journalism offers advanced research opportunities within the subjects of English and Creative Writing.

English Studies - MA

This MA provides you with the opportunity to develop a critical understanding of current thinking in contemporary literature and literatures of the past, and the opportunity to enhance your writing, communication and research skills.

Journalism - MA by Research

MA by Research Journalism gives you the opportunity to develop the ability to manage a complex research project of your choice, while demonstrating initiative and self-reliance in pursuing research goals.

Journalism - MA

This degree aims to provide the professional and practical training needed for a career in the exciting world of journalism. It also offers an academically rigorous approach to critical analysis of the subject.

Journalism - MPhil/PhD

The School of English and Journalism offers research opportunities at the highest level of academic qualification: a PhD or a PhD by Practice.

Journalism (Arts) - MA

This Master’s is designed to focus on the reporting of the arts for those wishing to enter one of the fastest-growing areas of journalism.

Journalism (Digital) - MA

The MA Journalism (Digital) is designed to be innovative and forward-looking, and aims to prepare graduates for a career working at the forefront of the digital media revolution where expectations of speed, accuracy and quality are high.

Journalism (Science and Environment) - MA

This Master’s is designed to offer the practical and theoretical training in journalism needed by those with an interest in science and environmental issues to communicate their subject to the public.

Journalism (Sports) - MA

This Master's programme, run by former and current sports journalists, is designed to prepare you for an exciting career in sports journalism.

Journalism (War and International Human Rights) - MA

MA Journalism (War and International Human Rights) focuses on the study of war reporting, international human rights and the role of journalism in conflict resolution.

Nineteenth Century Studies - MA

MA Nineteenth Century Studies offers a study of the 'long 19th Century' and is built on the University of Lincoln’s academic and research expertise in the subjects of English, History and Art History.

Public Relations - MA

The MA Public Relations programme is designed to explore the role of PR counsel in commercial and not-for-profit organisations. There is an emphasis on theory and the ability to critically assess contemporary issues in communications.

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