21st Century Research Group

The 21st Century Research Group is an interdisciplinary cluster of scholars researching aesthetic, literary, digital, cultural and environmental mediations of the 21st Century. The group provides a forum for the exchange of ideas about research issues, theories and methodologies, and encourages the promotion of opportunities for collaboration and peer support among its members. It also organises regular seminars and events such as symposia, exhibitions and conferences. Members come from disciplinary backgrounds in English, Film and Media, Performing Arts, and Art and Design.

The group has hosted the ‘What Happens Now: 21st Century Writing in English’ biennial conference series (2010, 2012, 2014), the ‘As Above So Below’ colloquium on drone culture (May 2014), and co-hosted an international symposium on the work of playwright, debbie tucker green at the Lincoln Performing Arts Centre in November 2015. The next What Happens Now conference is 27-30 June 2016. Details can be found at What Happens Now: 21st Century Writing in English

The 21st Century Research Group seminar programme for semester 2 is as follows:

Week 21 Wednesday 10th February, 4.15-5.30pm, MC0024
Dr Marie Thompson, School of Film and Media, ‘Everyday sonic warfare: affect and the weaponised use of classical music’

Week 24 Wednesday 2nd March, 4.15-5.30pm, MC0024
Dr Sarah Dillon, University of Cambridge, ‘The Horror of the Anthropocene’

Week 30 Wednesday 13th April, 4.15-5.30pm, MC2201
Professor Jason Lee, Head of Leicester Media School, De Montfort University, ‘The Economics of Perversion: child sexual abuse and contemporary culture’

Week 32 Wednesday 27th April, 4.15-5.30pm, MC0024
Adam O’Meara, School of Film and Media, The Anatomy of Objects

For more information, please contact the Group’s convenors:
Dr Siân Adiseshiah sadiseshiah@lincoln.ac.uk
Dr Ruth Charnock rcharnock@lincoln.ac.uk