Consolidation of Post-Qualifying Professional Development

15 credits at level 7 (Postgraduate/Masters)

This module provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate that they have made the transition from their initial professional qualification to being a professional, confident and capable practitioner able to take appropriate responsibility for their practice. Students must demonstrate that they have improved and extended the level of capability acquired at the point of qualification. Students are expected to show that they are capable through demonstrating their ability to meet the relevant National Occupational Standards set down for their profession (for example, those set out in the Professional Capabilities Framework for Social Work).

Students can reflect on their continuing professional and personal development, exploring how their knowledge base, skills and values have evolved through and have been consolidated in practice. Throughout the module, students will be encouraged to reflect on feedback from managers and peers as well as from service users and carers.

This module is core for those students wishing to complete the certificate stage of the MSc Social Work Advanced Professional Practice.

For this module there is a minimum post qualification experience requirement of one year.

Learning and Teaching

A range of methods will be used in this module, including direct teaching, workshops, individual and group work and self-directed, research-informed learning. Students will be supported in this module to critically engage with research literature. A number of group sessions and self-directed learning sessions will be used to guide students. Individual tutorials aim to ensure that students are planning their studies, practice and assessment events, enabling them to meet all the learning outcomes.


Assessment will be through the submission of two written assignments (equivalent to 4000 words in total):

  • A Professional Development Review, where students are expected to make critical use of literature to reflect on their own practice. This will be equivalent to 50% of the module grade.
  • A reflective analysis of a specific practice situation, equivalent to the remaining 50% of the module mark. Direct observation of practice must be provided with support and verification by the work-based mentor and student’s line manager.

To pass students must achieve a minimum of 50% in each assessment element.

Course Dates

The course is comprised of 4 full days of teaching, usually delivered over a period of 2 or 3 months.

Cohort dates for this course and other scheduled modules may be found in the PDF document attached. Dates for the next academic year are generally agreed upon in around March of the previous year and can be accessed from that time via the website or by contacting the Professional Development Centre, at

This module is worth 15 credits therefore suggestive of 150 hours of study in total, made of the aforementioned class attendance, combined with completion of assessments, reading and other study.

Closing date for applications

The closing date for applications is 1 month before the start date.

How to Apply 

Entry Requirements