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Forensic Chemistry Research Areas

The Forensic Chemistry Research Group is a multi-disciplinary team that aims to develop new methods and techniques to assist in solving crime scene and casework-related problems. The group works closely with forensic laboratories, police crime scene personnel and associated instrument/equipment suppliers in both the UK and overseas, and develops collaborative research projects with organisations and industry in the field. Current collaborative partners include the Centre for Applied Science and Technology (UK Home Office) and DeCipher.

Our current research interests include:

  • Analysis of drugs in seized samples and biological fluids
  • Characterising new markers for fuels
  • Novel fingerprint chemical development techniques
  • Analysis of volatile substances for forensic analysis
  • Chemical anthropology
  • Ignitable liquid and explosives analysis
  • Multivariate analysis of analytical data for forensic applications

Contacts: Dr Jose Gonzales-Rodriguez

         Dr Ruth Croxton