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Biological Chemistry Research Areas

Research interests lie in the engineering of bio-mimetic synthetic peptides. A set of chemically synthesized peptides, inspired by the neuronal protein complex responsible for synaptic vesicles fusion, is capable of self-assembling into a very stable complex. The unique assembly properties of this system have implications in several aspects related to biological chemistry:

  • The non-covalent linking of protein domains into a single artificial complex
  • The supra-molecular assembly of bio-nanomaterials
  • The bio-conjugation of proteins to nanoparticles for targeted drug-delivery
  • The decoration of bio-sensors surface with selectively-immobilized proteins.

More broadly, the compatibility of these new synthetic peptides with the natural recombinant version of the proteins they are derived from, make them an ideal tool to interface synthetic chemistry to bio-molecules in living organisms.

Contact: Dr Enrico Ferrari