Events & Conferences* Inaugural Lecture: Dr Matthijs Bal
Inaugural Lecture: Dr Matthijs Bal
David Chiddick Building, University of Lincoln (map)

Dr Matthijs Bal will speak on:

Workplace Dignity as an Alternative Paradigm in Organisation Studies

The world of work is in crisis. While organizations are the primary vehicles through which climate change, wars and poverty are sustained in the world, there is little progress towards more sustainable economies and organizations. Moreover, inequality, individualism, insecurity, and instrumentality dictate the contemporary workplace. It is striking how despite the profound changes in societies across the world, the field of organisation studies has largely adhered to the status-quo, pretending that existing terminology and models suffice to explain the contemporary workplace.

The lecture will critically discuss the state of affairs in the contemporary workplace, and subsequently it will be argued that new paradigms are needed to explain and understand the contemporary workplace, and in particular the concept of workplace dignity offers a unique perspective on the future of work and organizations. It will be explained what workplace dignity is, how it is defined, and how dignity can be used in the workplace. Workplace dignity is presented as the intrinsic worth of not just human beings, but everything that is part of the workplace, including animals, the environment, natural resources, buildings and finance.

Workplace dignity not only offers a way to address inequality, individualism, insecurity and instrumentality, but also presents a new theory for organisation studies to reformulate existing theories, concepts, and research in relation to the extent to which they contribute to dignity in the workplace.



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