Events & Conferences* The Importance of Effective Leadership & Management for Business Success
The Importance of Effective Leadership & Management for Business Success
Executive Development Centre, David Chiddick Building, University of Lincoln (map)

As part of Lincolnshire Business Week, LIBS are offering free places onto a workshop led by Senior Lecturer, Dr Andy Brookes, Department of People & Organisation

Change leadership is an essential component in business success. What is your experience of managing change in your organisation? Is it a ‘walk in the park’ or does it sometimes feel more like ‘wading through thick treacle’?

These workshops will explore the perennial challenge of implementing organisational change and aims to offer you some fresh insights and perspectives …rather than the familiar well-worn prescriptions!

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PLEASE NOTE: The Lincolnshire Media Business Week Launch will be taking place at the Executive Development Centre prior to our event, from 8.30am. Please contact Karis Hildred at for more information

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