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Strategic plan 2011-16 cover Strategic Plan 2011-2016

‘A university looking to the future’ where we serve and develop our local, national and international communities by creating purposeful knowledge and research, confident and creative graduates and a dynamic and engaged workforce.

University of Lincoln Strategic Plan 2011 (PDF) 

Corporate Brochure 2012 Discover Lincoln 2012

Corporate brochure - 'The role of universities is changing. In addition to the traditional objective of creating and teaching knowledge, universities have an increasingly important part to play in the development of society and the economy.'

Discover Lincoln 2012 (Interactive)

Discover Lincoln 2012 (PDF)  

Teaching & Learning Plan 2011-2016 coverTeaching & Learning Plan 2011-2016

The Teaching and Learning Plan is aligned to and supports the University of Lincoln’s Strategic Plan 2011-16. It underpins the University’s strategic objective to continuously improve its learning environment and its personal engagement with all students through high-quality research-engaged teaching and learning (known as ‘Student as Producer’) where students create and develop new knowledge in collaboration with their lecturers.  The Plan also aims to strengthen the status and quality of teaching and learning across the University and to ensure that students have access to best achievable teaching and learning spaces, technology and other learning support.

Teaching & Learning Plan 2011-2016 (PDF)

Lincoln Magazine cover autumn 2013‌‌Lincoln Magazine

Highlights of our research, news and alumni successes.

‌Lincoln Magazine Spring 2012 (Interactive) 

Download Lincoln Magazine (PDF)