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Widening Participation

The University of Lincoln's commitment to widening participation and improving access for under-represented groups is demonstrated by the relationships and level of engagement we enjoy with local schools and colleges, as well as with initiatives undertaken in the wider community.

Recognising the need for sustaining and developing these relationships is crucial, not only for the long term success of the University but also for local graduate employability and, subsequently, the local economy in Lincoln and Lincolnshire.

National Student Finance Week

The University of Lincoln’s Outreach Team is also participating in National Student Money Week (11th February – 15th February) and would love schools to get involved.
National Student Money Week came about because the National Association of Student Money Advisors (NASMA) want "everyone, students, the media, politicians and the public to know about and celebrate the financial support and advice offered by Universities, colleges and Students’ unions across the UK."

The University of Lincoln will be running interactive activities throughout the week promoting financial support for students. We want to dispel the current myths and ensure that current and prospective students feel well equipped with the knowledge and understanding to make decisions about their future without worrying about student finance.

Scholarships and Bursaries

University of Lincoln Scholarship

There are two packages available to students commencing study at the University of Lincoln in 2015:

Students with a household income of less than £25,000 will be awarded a scholarship of £700 for each year (up to three years) of study. Each award of £700 will be paid in three instalments across the academic year, subject to satisfactory attendance.

Students with a household income between £25,000 and £40,000 will be awarded a scholarship of £500 for each year (up to three years) of study. Each £500 award will be paid in three instalments across the academic year, subject to satisfactory attendance.

To be considered eligible, students must not have previously completed university-level education. All support packages are subject to the University's terms and conditions.

You do not need to make an application for the University of Lincoln Scholarship. We use the assessment carried out by your Funding Authority in order to ascertain the household income levels which determine the amount of scholarship you are awarded. In order for us to see this data, when you apply for your student finance you and your sponsors must allow their information to be shared. If eligible, you will be notified of your scholarship amount and the payment dates in late October/early November 2015.


Excellence Scholarship

The University of Lincoln recognises the achievements of the very best new undergraduate students joining us in 2015.

The students who achieve the highest total entry qualifications of all the new entrants within their academic College will be awarded a scholarship of £1,000. Awards will be made for each of the University's three colleges; the College of Arts, the College of Science and the College of Social Science.

The best entry qualifications are defined as the greatest number of tarrif points achieved by a successful applicant in one examination sitting. Tariff points can come from any A Level or BTEC qualifications.

Further information, terms and conditions.


The Vice Chancellor's Scholarship

The Vice Chancellor's Scholarship recognises exceptional academic ability and commitment in new University of Lincoln undergraduate students. It is funded by a generous gift made by the University's Vice Chancellor, Professor Mary Stuart.

It is awarded to a single overall winner from the University of Lincoln's Excellence Scholarship recipients. The Vice Chancellor's Scholarship is worth £3,000 per year of study over three years, meaning that the winner receives, in combination with the Excellence Scholarship, a total of £10,000 over three years.

Further information, terms and conditions.

For full information on the University of Lincoln's support package, please see our Grants & Support page.

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