The Rapid Prototyping Suite

Incorporated into the main School Workshops, the Rapid Prototyping Suite (RPS) is a facility that is available to use for all students and staff from across the College of Arts. Equipment within the Suite allows complex and detailed three dimensional forms to be made with relative ease and is a valuable addition to the wide spectrum of machines and tools already available. 

Available to use are:

  • Co2 Laser cutter
  • Fusion Deposition Machine
  • Colour Powder printer
  • Desktop CNC 3 axis milling machine
  • Desktop FDM.

The RPS has been evolving over the recent years with the latest development being a relocation of the equipment. Still situated inside the main School Workshops, the RPS has now moved to the east end of the model making workshop which provides a more spacious and professional area in which work can be carried out for staff and students and also outside clients.

Services available to external clients include:

  • Short runs and one off productions of items
  • Model designing and building service
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Laser cutting
  • 3D scanning and item replication
  • Non contact 3D portable scanners.


The RPS has carried out work for clients including:

  • ThinkTank building, Lincoln – Laser engraving presentation pieces to be displayed and used during the building’s opening ceremony
  • University of Lincoln Estates department - Masterplan model of the University’s Brayford campus
  • Slam Design – Rapid prototype of BBQ skewer product
  • Lincolnshire Bomber Command Memorial Trust – Site model for fundraising and Planning Application site model. 
  • University of Lincoln – Laser cutting service for producing signage and safety guards for the University of Lincoln’s Gold Medal winning entry in the 2013 Chelsea Garden Show.
  • University of Lincoln’s Image Engineering Lab – Production of a casing for scientific equipment built for research into revolutionary proton therapy for cancer patients. Designed by and built in collaboration with Chris Waltham
  • Umbra Design – Laser services for Level3 Product Design student working on a live project with Umbra Design in Canada.

Although students are encouraged to experience the use of rapid prototyping and laser cutting equipment, there is an emphasis on it not being a replacement for more traditional methods of producing 3D forms. Students are advised to use the RPS facility in conjunction with the many other facilities available to them in the main School Workshops. This method of working enables students of all levels of skill and experience to produce stunning artefacts and forms. 

The latest evolution of the RPS is the partnership with Lincolnshire County Council. As part of the Lincolnshire Technology Hubs scheme, the RPS in the main School Workshops is to be the home of the Lincoln Technology Hub. The main initiative of this is to encourage and provide access to digital technology to local businesses.  

For enquiries with regards using the RPS, please contact:

Kevin Hallsworth

T; 01522 835097



Jeff Pashley

T: 01522 837494