Culture, Society and Space

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Culture, Society and Space

This research theme is concerned with relationships between the cultural, social and spatial characteristics of built environments and communities. This work includes analysis of the spatial morphology of informal settlements, which are a growing global phenomenon. This theme is also concerned with the health and wellbeing of societies, with an emphasis on the challenges facing an increasingly aging population.


Key areas:

  • Space Syntax: theory and modelling
  • Spatial morphology of buildings and cities
  • Informal settlements
  • Refugee settlements
  • African traditional architecture
  • Low income housing
  • Theories of architecture and urbanism
  • Place making
  • History of architecture and urban design
  • Cultural heritage
  • Urban regeneration
  • Social meaning of built environments
  • Vernacular architecture
  • Architecture and material culture
  • Houses and households
  • Building types and built forms
  • Spatial agency
  • Aging population

For further information contact: Professor Glen Mills


Professor Glen Mills (Lead)

Head of the School of Architecture and the Built Environment

01522 83 7043

Professor Hugh Byrd

Professor of Architecture

01522 83 5721

Dr Primali Paranagamage

Senior Lecturer

01522 83 7175

Dr Deborah Whelan

Senior Lecturer and Director of Teaching and Learning

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Dr Amira Elnokaly

Principal Lecturer

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